Innovation in Action: Meet Our Chinese Culture & Language Partner

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Innovation in Action: Meet Our Chinese Culture & Language Partner

Innovation in Action: Meet Our Chinese Culture & Language Partner

As we have stated numerous times in our previous blogs- Rising School is dedicated to being a school that is a leader in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership.

Rising School also strives to Promote Global Citizenship, and Preparing our Students for Career and College Readiness.  There are three main languages used in the world of business,  English, Arabic and Chinese.  We are excited to announce that Rising School will now offer all 3 languages.

English and Arabic are offered as main instruction in our school days since the beginning. We have now partnered with Think First Learning Center to offer Mandarin and Chinese Culture as Club options during the day, and also as an after school activity.  Think First offers classes for Native and Non Native Chinese students.

About Our Partner: Think First

Think First Learning Center designs programs for students who wish to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture. China being the second largest economy in the world and the second largest trading partner of UAE gained a lot of attention in the business world and trading partners particularly Dubai. We aim to promote to the young minds the importance of the Mandarin language in the future by understanding its history, culture, tradition, and arts & craft. This program will give you many opportunities such as learning from internationally certified instructors, joining in culture-immersed activities, preparing for level test like IGCSE Mandarin & HSK, and YCT, and attending Chinese Culture Exchange program.

The Mandarin program aims to help you prepare of what the future of the business world brings, so be counted and make your new term a fun and momentous one. Join us now! We encourage learners to participate, learn and discover the language of the future. We teach Chinese calligraphy, Chinese pinyin, Chinese pronunciation, Chinese traditional art, Chinese culture, tradition, and history such as the use of chopsticks, traditional stories, etc. We make traditional and fun activities that will surely make you understand and appreciate the beauty of the language.


Our company website is:

Contact details: 04-55-77-130 / 0444-31-460

email address: [email protected]


We Are So Excited to Welcome Think First to the Rising School Family!