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Extra-Curricular Provision

Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are an integral part of Rising school program. Rising School will provide a broad and rich variety of activities for students to participate in after the academic program has finished each day, in part by means of an extended school day. These activities will be the common thread that pulls the curriculum together, and will be used to support the mission of our school by ensuring students get as many opportunities as possible to develop their skills, experiences, and teamwork spirit.

Rising School expects that teachers will be involved in at least two extra-curricular activities in addition to their teaching load. An essential component of staff job description will be the clear requirement for all staff to commit to one-to-one and group tutorial work that will be need-driven and not limited to set or given hours, as well as the usual commitment to out-of-class activities. In addition to the passion they are expected to bring to the teaching of their academic subject, teachers will be expected to commit fully to co-curricular activities, so that they are involved in all the child at the school does or takes part in and act to enrich that provision. It is proven that the best teachers relish the added knowledge of their students that this involvement brings, and see the opportunities to be involved outside of the classroom as a bonus to their professional quality of life, rather than an imposition process. Rising School students will be known as people, not just as statistics.

Activities such as Student Council, Charity Committees, Debating Club, Go Green Club, Community Service, Personality Development classes, and foreign languages will contribute to the implementation and understanding of the Rising School Core Values, and will provide learning opportunities outside the typical classroom environment.  We will also offer Drama productions, World Book Day, and many sports related opportunities.  We expect to have a Model United Nations program as the school develops into the older grades.

Many of the extra-curricular activities will be linked directly to the curriculum of the classroom and are designed specifically to enhance and extend the learning that occurs in the latter. Others are designed to serve as an opportunity to try something new or to give those students who find the academic side of school life more challenging a chance to excel. Innovation skills learned from the VEX IQ STEM program will be enhanced with opportunities including TrashBots, FLL-Lego Robot competitions, and STEM+ partnerships with American Companies such as Sylvan Learning.