Journey of Leadership- We’re On Our Way to Light House

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On our way to light house

Journey of Leadership- We’re On Our Way to Light House

Rising School Is Excited To Announce That We Have Been Approved By Franklin Covey Middle East To Start Our Light House Journey Of Leadership- Ahead Of Schedule!   Dr. Stephen Covey said "I don’t define leadership as becoming the CEO. A CEO is no more likely to be a leader than anyone else. I am talking…

rising school library inauguration

School Library Grand Opening-

On Tuesday Rising School Celebrated the Grand Opening of our Amazing New Library. It was an amazing event for grades 1-5, parents, teachers and community members.  We would like to thank everyone who came out to visit us for the event and are so excited to share some of the moments with you. [embed][/embed]

Full Lego Education School

Rising School is Proud to be a Full Lego Education School

What Benefits does being a Full Lego School Bring to Rising School? Lego Education Makes  abstract  learning concepts concrete for our students! How do teachers bring abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that really engages students ? This  is a problem that  all teachers in every classroom around the world face on…

Rising School - The Leader in Me school

Rising School Dubai is Now an Offical “Leader In Me” School

We Are Rising: The "Leader In Me" Journey Rising School Dubai is proud to announce that have signed an agreement with Franklin-Covey Middle East and  are now an Official Leader in Me School! What is the "Leader In Me" Program? The Leader In Me is a whole-school transformation model and process—developed in partnership with educators—that…

Rising School Open Day

Site visit: Rising School Dubai

Rising School Dubai is one of 10 new schools opening in September 2017, but the only one that will offer the US curriculum. Located in Nad Al Sheba 4, the school is targeting Emirati families in the area who would "usually have to bus their kids 20-25 minutes to a US curriculum school every day",…